Have You Heard the News Around the Water Cooler?

Everybody has heard the phrase “Guess what I heard at the water cooler” and it is associated as work place gossip. Usually when you think of a water cooler, you think of a work situation where employees can get a cool drink, but things have changed and so has the water cooler. Let’s talk about the evolution of water coolers, how they are different from the past and where they are being used.

Water coolers started out very simple, just a base with a spout to support a refillable water bottle which could be replaced when the water ran out. As time progressed, electricity was introduced and the simple water cooler now became much more popular. Now, compressors and heating elements could be added to give the thirsty person a very cold glass of water or even a cup of hot water for coffee or soup. More and more people saw the need to have a water cooler around for convenience. With that, companies sprang up to supply the demand, providing a service that not only supplied the customer with the water cooler, but also the water itself contained in reusable bottles that could be picked up and dropped off at the customers demand. This service really made hot and cold water coolers popular and made the companies that supplied it very rich.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why people like to use water coolers and what benefits they offer. First and foremost, people like convenience; they don’t want to do more then necessary. Another reason is they can get very hot or cold water instantly at the flip of a switch, rather then having to use ice cubes for cold water or heating some water on the stove for soup, coffee, etc. The benefits these water coolers provide are that the equipment is supplied by the company you have a contract with; any problems and they will fix it. Also, your water is brought right to your location upon request, when you need more water; all you have to do is call for service.

Now, let’s look the disadvantages of using this method of water cooler service. mccoy cooler
A big problem is most companies that provide this service require that you sign a contract with them and sometimes you can be penalized for breaking the contract. Also, the payment is not a one time deal; you have to keep paying as long as you have a contract for the service, this can become very costly, especially for businesses using multiple units. Another hassle is having to change the old water bottle with a new one, they are heavy and easy to spill if you are not careful. Not to mention, you have to store all the empty bottles along with the supply of full bottles until the service man comes again. Plus, who knows if the water you are getting is really clean drinking water, you just have to hope that it is and take a chance.

Now let’s talk about a solution to your water cooler needs. There is a better way and that is a water cooler that is designed for today’s generation keeping their needs in mind. This type of water cooler is unique in many ways and the benefits are great. What I am talking about is Bottleless hot and cold water cooler that is plumbed directly into your cold water line. This allows you to have an endless supply of water, no heavy water bottles to change out; you won’t have to worry about ordering more water and no more clutter of empty bottles. The best aspect of this water cooler is the water filtration system. Not only do you have an endless supply of water, but you can know that the water you drink is filtered pure for good health. The water coolers come as a regular water filtration model or a reverse osmosis system, either one offers the best drinking water. Think of the advantage of owning the water cooler, no lengthy contracts, no more changing water bottles and the system pays for itself in no time. These bottle less water coolers also come in a portable model that can be connected to your water line or you can just pour water into the holding tank and move the unit anywhere you want. These water coolers are ideal for home use and perfect for business use.


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