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Welcome to the Sound Tradition; the internet based high-quality audio hardware store.  This store is based on my own belief and commitment for pursuing better real-life sound, and my desire to share the same value with other enthusiasts around the world.


All items being listed in this store are carefully selected and examined to satisfy my own highest standard.  I believe many items on this site are simply finest products ever built, some of other items carry excellent values for its price, and a few are just best available for specific purposes.  No matter which item you choose, I can convey you my personal guaranty that you are purchasing one of the finest products available on the market.


We have been in the internet based business for the last several years through the Sansui Literature Store at http://www.obsinc.us with more than thousand satisfied customers.  We also host http://www.tube-amps.net as well as http://www.sansui.us.  Opening this site on the internet space and serving you is my great pleasure.  I?m looking forward to do business with you through my deepest commitment on customer service.




Isao Asakura



OBS, Inc.




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If you need immediate assistance, please e-mail us at support@obsinc.us.